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Solberry Seabuckthorn Vinaigrette - recipe is a courtesy of Gwen Voroney:
2 parts olive oil
1 part ... See more

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This is one of easy and delicious way to incorporate Solberry Seabuckthorn in your diet - add to ... See more

Mila Maximets, made this great vinegarette with Solberry. Great lunch!

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Over 190 bio-available micro-nutrients, Omega 7, vitamins and minerals. Prairie grown and bottled. ... See more

Solberry Seabuckthorn - this is where I get my energy! After a long day of work I am ready for my ... See more

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#WeLoveLocal #Seabuckthorn #VitaHealth
I’m @ Westwood (West Portage now)
I’m ... See more

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Seabuckthorn as prebiotic is another great Canadian research from Carleton University, Ottawa, ON: ... See more