Just wanted to say a big thank you for introducing me to your seabuckthorn product. After a sample at Vita Health many months ago, I have been a faithful daily user and it has gotten my finger joint pain completely under control! So well, I even forgot to mention it at my annual checkup yesterday so I decided to send my doctor a note to tell her about your amazing product. I have to confess, I even did a test after the first month to ensure it was the supplement that was working for me. After stopping for 3 wks, there was no doubt in my mind, and I have been faithful ever since!


What a great food product! My eyes, skin, nails and a lot more benefit from it!!
I have been using it since it came out and I’ve likely drank a couple hundred bottles! I recall my eyes feeling dryer and like there is sand in them when I run out of the purée!


I wanted to let you know that my friend with Sjögren Syndrome has been enjoying the purée every day for 3 weeks and her eyes are tearing properly. Her doctor is going to recommend it to her patients


Hello! I bought some of your moisturizer cream last month when I was in Winnipeg. Well here I am sitting in Mexico and I’ve never had so many compliments on my skin! I just wanted to drop you a line to say thank you for a wonderful product! Have a great day


got the stuff…I think you are right  ..To date it is the best seabuckthorn I have used..As I said I have used this for a number of years and it is dramatic in its health benefits…..I take 30 ml…1 ounce 2 times daily…and it makes me feel younger  more than anything I have tried….and I have  tried a lot of real foods.from all over the world asian and otherwise …..

I am 64 this yr  lost  40 lbs  now  over 3 yrs   I now  weight  155 lbs am  5′ 9″ and  have a 31 inch waist ………….my exact size as a teen  and can run as fast as my 14 yr old son..who is 50 yrs  younger than me …and in good shape*

expect my continued support

M F😎

*M F deserves all the credit for his physical condition, but he’s right we DO have the best seabuckthorn in the world – grown right here in Canada – Solberry

If you want testimony for benefits, let me know. My hair is thicker, and I don’t break or chip nails any longer. (important to 53 yr old guitar player.) Who knows how it has benefited me internally and in lowering cholesterol levels. Awaiting results blood test, will let you know. – Mike V
I want to thank you for your product. Have been using Solberry now for approximately six months and my Psoriasis has cleared completely. I have not had to use prescribed steroid cream. No flaking itching on knees, elbows or bleeding cracking knuckles and no sudden outbreak of red itchy spots. Thanks again – R.W.A.
Though undeniably tart when it first encounters the tongue, the purée, like a fine wine, ends with a full-bodied flourish that is really quite soothing. Imagine the taste equivalent of its magical, sun-shiny colour. You can’t help but look forward to the next helping. – John D.
I just wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying taking Solberry! I met you in Vita Health about 8 weeks ago and I decided to try taking your product. Since then I have been taking a tablespoon each day. I have to tell you that I have felt a tremendous improvement in my digestion and I feel that I have less inflammation. I am a runner – I run about 30 miles a week – and I really think I have less aches and pains since taking the berry. Thank you so much for introducing me to this wonderful berry! I have been recommending it to friends and family. My daughter who is also a runner is hooked and my husband feels that it has helped with his psoriasis. I have tried many products throughout my life and this berry so far is the only one that I feel has made a difference. Many thanks and keep up the good work! – Lisa T.
I myself have been dosing with a spoonful of purée each morning for a couple of weeks, my mom was complementing my skin over the weekend and asking what I’ve been doing differently. I couldn’t think of anything other than the sea buckthorn. She read the story (CIAO Magazine) and has bought bottles for everyone in the family. – Erin B.
Hello we have met at the marathon expo. I was the girl who was struggling with a chronic skin disorder. I’ve been trying your solberry purée for about 2 months and I noticed my permanent-like eczema patch on my ankle is going away. I’m been going to phototheraphy for nearly 3 years and I believe the purée may have sped up the healing because it was a tough place to heal and it was always itchy. A friend of mine is interested in trying out your product and I was about to buy one for her. Will there be another expo or place you’ll be advertising soon? Anyway thx for helping and recommending the purée. I really love it! I’m glad to have met you! – S
Last year I went to see my doctor as my hips were giving me problems. The pain started in my right hip and after several months it was in both hips. I actually went to see him because I thought I needed orthotics! He said he was going to send me for x-rays first and when the results came back he told me I had slight arthritis in both hips! I didn’t need arthritis medication yet, but he suggested I take Tylenol for Arthritis for the pain and to keep up my walking. It had gotten to the point that I couldn’t walk for more than 15 minutes without taking a break. I used to walk an hour to an hour and a half no problem. Shortly after that a friend told me about seabuckthorn and, I’m sorry I said “‘sea’ what?” “Seabuckthorn.” she said. Now this woman takes a variety of herbs and I’m not sure if she checks into combinations that she takes so I was a little leary of taking her advise. She talked me into splitting a bag of seabuckthorn leaves (On Henderson Hwy) and I started making tea after I googled seabuckthorn and had read your story. Well it seemed to help so I decided to buy your purée from Chad at Hollow Reed. I take a TBSP a day and have not used Tylenol in over 6 months. I have sent numerous people to Hollow Reed to buy your purée. I also LOVE your soap! Sorry this story is long winded, but I wanted you to have the whole story. – JJ
I wanted to tell you that yesterday I made peach cobbler for about 50 people for an event… that required a lot of cutting and using my hands… I was commenting to my husband that two years ago I would have been unable to do that without substantial pain… since taking Solberry regularly I have had amazing results, including increased stamina and muscle strength in my arthritic hands! Thank you! – E